Confidence has always been one of the hardest things for me to develop in myself. I am not sure why, but I have never had very good self confidence in anything I did. I may have acted like I was very confident on the outside and may have boasted and looked excited, but almost with everything I ever did I have ever attempted I have always have second thoughts or self doubt about whether I could accomplish what I was trying to do. This goes as far back as to making friends in elementary school, to playing sports in high school, to doing martial arts, to even now as I am trying to write this book and become a motivational speaker; but there is one way that I always overcome this lack of confidence and His name is Jesus.

Even today I still have a hard time making friends and believing in myself. I always tend to doubt that I am good enough to succeed at what I am attempting or that I am better than the other guy who is trying to get someone’s attention. I am not sure what caused that in my life or why I always think that way, but hey that’s me. Maybe one day I’ll get lucky and find someone to show me how to believe in myself, but until then I rely on my Savior and my family.

As I think about the problems I have to face and think about the problem He had to face, I know that I have nothing to overcome that compares to what He overcame. This helps give me the confidence in myself and in the strength He promises to give me to achieve all that He has called me to achieve in my life. See each time I achieve a goal that I set for myself my confidence tends to grow a little. As time goes by and my confidence continues to grow, I will eventually become a very confident person (or at least I am praying I will). I may not become the most confident person in the world that fully believes in himself like he should, but as long as I have others that believe in me, friends and family that support and lift me up, and a God and Savior that protects and guides me then I will always be able to achieve my goals in life and so can you.