New Beginnings

Today there are many people who walk around that look like they are alright on the outside, but may be dying on the inside. Many of these individuals may be facing challenges in life that have them torn, or maybe they have been ravaged by going through a devastating accident that has left them disabled. The one thing that each of these individuals have in common is that they all are facing challenges that they think they cannot overcome and they are thinking about giving up. Many other individuals may also find themselves in similar challenges and may not know how to find the strength to overcome their situations.

The key to overcoming depression and overcoming the challenges in your life is to first realize the things (not financially) that you really love in your life. Once you have figured out the top three things, whether it is your parents, children, relatives, your home, the outdoors, your quit time, or whatever then you need to make sure you  slow everything down and spend time with the three things you love the most. As you continue to spend time with what you truly love then you will be able to calm yourself down and focus on overcoming your obstacle. One quote I love that helps me is by Jeffrey Gitomer, and it says ” Obstacles can’t stop you. Problems can’t stop you. Most of all other People can’t stop you. Only you can stop you.” This tells me that I can overcome any problem and can address anyone as long as I do not give up on myself.

As for myself, I found solace in my faith in Jesus and the support I had with my church family. The second key to overcoming sadness, depression, challenges, and overwhelming obstacles is to establish a support group that you can trust and will help you when you are down and need a shoulder to lean on.You need at least to try to have one person in your support group that you can talk to, even if that is just a counselor.My faith and the support I had from the friends I developed their allowed me to deal with the life altering situations that affected my life several years ago. I am not saying that is what you have to do but it would be very beneficial to have a support group that believes or has something in common with you. This would develop a greater bond between you and the group members and will allow you to face your situations will greater strength.

Next time I will be writing about peace and joy, and the division that can harm not just your life but the lives of those around .


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