Acceptance is Life

Acceptance is the key to feeling like you are worthy to live. Many teenagers and adults commit suicide because they are bullied or feel like no one likes them. Having an outlet or someone letting them know that they matter and are cared for by anyone is key.

This Sunday was one of the best days of my life so far. My church had a very special speaker whose name is Nick Vojicic. He is a very motivating, inspiring, and caring person that was born without arms or legs. His sermon was one of the most powerful messages I have ever heard. He talked about how you can accept yourself the way you are no matter what situation you find yourself in or how different you might be. He also went out to stress how parents need to be the cheerleaders of their children Every day. I know that is the only reason both he and I have made it through our disabilities.

Accepting yourself and even accepting everyone else no matter their differences or what they have been through in their lives is the key to making today’s disease of suicide not an option to the ones who think that there is no one out their that cares about them. You can’t imagine how much just letting your child or a friend know that they matter and are beautiful the way they are every day.

One thing I have had to learn as I’ve grown is how not to judge but to welcome everyone as they are. Even as a Christian when I was young, I was very judgmental thinking that you had to fit the right model or else you couldn’t even possibly be part of our group. Thankfully, as I read the Bible for myself and developed a real understanding and relationship with my God, I have been able to repent of who I was and start accepting everyone just as they are and showing them love and kindness.

As for Nick’s sermon this weekend, it really changed some perspectives in my life and gave me a new sense of direction and drive to help those who are hurting. It was also one of the greatest honors of my life when I was allowed a personal meeting with Nick for about 10 minutes to just talk about motivational speaking, how he got started, and how I can get opportunities to speak. He was such a genuine, kind, and funny person that I will never forget being able to meet Nick Vojicic. Remember that a kind word to just one shy, sad, angry, or depressed person can make the difference between them feeling like there is nothing to live for and seeing a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.


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