The Best Things in Life

Every day people get up in the morning a rush to get ready for work, and the majority of people go to a job that they really do not enjoy doing. Most of us had dreams of being something else when we were young, but that does not mean we cannot still enjoy the best things that life has to offer. It just depends on what you consider to be the best things.

I know that I used to think that the best things in life had to come attached with spending a lot of money and always being with a group of friends, but over the last ten years that ideas has changed dramatically. Thankfully I was able to slow my life down and focus on what really mattered to me and enjoy those things more. To me, that means spending time with my family, going for drives through nature, and being in church on Sunday. Now those things do not have to be your best things but I ask you to name the top three things you love that doesn’t cost you anything more than maybe a tank of gas. Once you have really thought about that then work on spending more of your spare time enjoying those things. This will give deeper meaning and enjoyability to your life.

Now you may say that you do not have much time to spare doing anything on the side. I can understand that since I am usually either working on the weekends and going to appointments several days throughout the week. The answer is not to worry about the quantity of time you spend doing the things you love but the quality of the time spent there. Try to silence your cell phone, focus on nothing else until it is time for you to leave, and do something so that you can remember and look back at your time when you are not there such as taking pictures or using a diary. This way those memories will keep you on an emotional full tank until you have time to enjoy your best things again.

Finally the other thing that will give you even more satisfaction that actually enjoying your best things is talking about them to everyone else and letting them know how to have a simpler happier life.


3 thoughts on “The Best Things in Life

  1. This was soo amazing Eddie and I really enjoyed reading this.. so very true especially these days. We get soo wrapped up around the busy life style and tend to forget slowing down and enjoying those times and also knowing how to slow down.

    I know if has been a rough and long road for you and you have learned to live a totally different life; but you never lost track of the importance of life no matter what our set backs are.

    Keep up the great work with your site and posts and we truly do love you!

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