Enjoy the Rebirth of Spring

Spring is a wonderful time of year. Most of the country has been dealt a very difficult winter this year. Now that the sun is starting to come out and temperatures are rising, take the time to enjoy the warmth and rebirth of spring. Everything seems to get a new lease on life as spring starts. Plants begin to grow and bloom, most animals give birth to their young, and people start to work out and get tans to prepare for summer.

I love this time of year because we also get to enjoy the most important holiday to me, Easter. As everything else gets new life also did my Savior. This coming Friday will be the symbolic anniversary of His death, and three days later Jesus was reborn as well.

Spring lets us all know that no matter what situation you may find yourself in, there can be rebirth for you as well. Take the time to see your situation realistically in order to find a true way to make your situation better. In my case, last year I weighed over 320 lbs. Once I saw the real truth of how much weight I had gain over the years, I was able to understand how to change my situation. Due to this understanding I changed my diet, started exercising at a gym, and changed my emotional state, and over the past year I have been able to lose over 50 lbs.

There can be any kind of rebirths for you, but all you have to do is see the truth of your situation so you can see the true answer to the situation. This will keep you and me from working on fixes that are only temporary or we will not even realize that there may be an escape for your situation.

For those of you who may feel comfortable, respond and tell your story of a situation that you have been able to give rebirth to.


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