Expectations are everything in life. Many people try not to expect a blessing or help from other people and from God, because they do not want to be disappointed. I can understand this thinking and have been guilty of this as well, but this thought process is the wrong. Positive thinking does bring about positive results in your life. As for myself once I realized what positive expectations can do for me, my life has changed dramatically.

In one instance I was feeling really alone and without any friends. So I prayed for someone to introduce themselves and to establish a real friendship with that person. After I prayed I made sure to keep a positive expectation that God would answer my prayer. The very next day I had a knock on my door and my neighbor had come over to introduce himself. We have since established a friendship that has lasted over 14 years. In other situations, I had kept expecting changes in my health after my accident. Even though I did not get my answer right away, I did receive healing for what I was expecting. My current expectation is for either God to heal my paralysis or for science to develop a way to heal me. As big of a request that may be and as unrealistic it may be, I am convince and expecting that one day God will answer this prayer.

Now I have not received everything that I have prayed for, and that is OK. When you live expectantly, you must have trust that God knows what you need better than yourself. In fact, I have prayed to win the lottery in order to make my life much easier. Just because He has not answered this prayer by allowing me to win, I have not lost faith that He will provide for me.

I pray that this message helps you start to live expectantly, trusting in your God, and knowing that He is always there for you.


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