It seems like everyone today wants to judge a person before they get to know them. Whether a person is black, white, Hispanic, gay, or straight the majority of individuals prejudge a person based on a stereotype. Is this not the opposite of how we should treat people. I have and am still a victim to prejudgement due to me being handicap. Many people who I try to get to know and even would love to date, look at me as someone who is not able to have a normal relationship. This could be no father from the truth though.

I genuinely feel sorry for anyone who has been prejudged, and I ask everyone to think about how you might feel if you were treated like less of a person or kept on the outside of a group just because of an assumption. I believe that almost everyone has felt like this before, and it doesn’t feel good to not be wanted. You never know what kind of connection or relationship you could have if you would just give a person a chance.


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