For the longest time I was going through my life thinking that I had done nothing worthwhile in my life. Since my accident and being disabled, I thought I should have achieved SO much by now that I was really getting myself depressed. What I had not realized were all of the accomplishments and achievements I had made through dealing with and repairing my life. I had to take a step back and look at the struggles I had been facing over the last ten years in order to see what I had overcome. At the beginning I had to actually learn how to breathe all over. I was able to work my way  out of a nursing home, achieve a college degree while I was in the nursing home, was an executive vp of a college association, and over the last year have been able to lose over 50 pounds. Once I had taken the time to realize what I had overcome and accomplished, I was able to be proud of myself and see that I was worth a lot more than I was giving myself. This change in attitude toward my worth has led to me developing several great friendships and maybe even something more with one of them.

The key to believing in yourself starts with stepping back and seeing what you are really worth. If you are still unable to see your accomplishments, then you should have someone who you trust explain what they see in you. The hard part is actually believing what you have decided. The truth is that it takes time. Growing a sense of worth, especially when you think you are worth nothing, does not happen overnight. You have to continually tell yourself that you deserve happiness. Every morning when you get up, you need to look into a mirror and say that you are valuable and deserve what you dream of. Eventually you WILL start to believe in yourself, attract positive people to be around you, and start moving toward the goals you have set for yourself.

I challenge you this week, to try this technique every morning, and then respond here  to let me know how you now see yourself. God bless.


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