Love is something that we all strive to find throughout our lives,. There are many things that can interfere with receiving what you hope to find though. As for me, being handicap and in a wheelchair, it seems like most people who are friendly to me don’t even consider to get closer to me. I don’t know if it is because of the wheelchair or if they judge that I cannot give them what they are looking for. It would be nice if people could look at me and see that I am a normal person that just cannot walk.

Everyone, no matter their situation, deserves to find happiness and love with someone they can emotionally connect with . Life is not meant to be lived alone and closed off from the world. One person that inspired me was a friend I met almost 10 years ago. He was paralyzed from the chest down, but was still able to find someone to love and care for him. He has inspired me to never give up on finding that right special person. I guess I will just have to wait for God to bring that person my way.

Unconditional love is the hardest thing to find today. It is so rare that two people can come together and make it through the rest of their life without falling apart. I guess the key to unconditional love is forgiveness and understanding. I have seen this type of love in my mother toward my father and now step-father. She has shown  me how to make it through difficult times without giving up on your partner. I just hope one day I will get the chance to put those principles to practice myself.

For those of you who are in relationships that are in the middle of a storm, look to our God and pray for understanding in both of you. There are many situations that can lead all of us to consider giving up on a relationship, but please make sure that the reason for giving up is worth losing what each of you have gone through. For those of us that are looking for relationships, do not rush into any decisions. Make sure there is an emotional connection between you and your partner, because without that type of connection there is little chance of long-term success. Good luck and God bless.


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