Arizona vacation 218 I don’t know why making friends (real friends) is so difficult for me? I genuinely keep my heart on my shoulders, and every time I try to get close to someone they just like to punch my heart. At times people seem real and are nice to me. They even say they are my friend, We have a good time as long as we are in a group of other people, but when it comes to asking if they would like to hang out with just us, they seem to always have something else going on.and either can’t or don’t want to get to know me better. This is the only part of being in a wheelchair that gets me down. So many people see me in this chair and tell themselves that I cannot satisfy them. What most people don’t realize is that I can still feel and do everything a physically normal person can do. Also I just wish people would see me as a normal person that feels, and cares, and would love to be loved back. I try to show that I truly care about the people I am friends with, I would do anything I could possibly do for them. I guess giving all of my care and friendship may not be good enough for me to get the same in response.

          It’s just not like friends I have back East. Even now I know I can rely on them and if I lived closer to them, they would be reaching out to help me instead of the other way around. I don’t know if that is just the personality of people in the West or if it is just the people I am around. I miss friends who show they care about you every time you meet.

That’s just how I was taught growing up to treat the people you care for. I don’t understand how people can call themselves a friend to someone and them not help, support, and want to be around them. Does anyone else understand where I am coming from? In fact there is a special someone who I care deeply for, but I don’t seem to get anything in response from that person. I just wish people would look past me being in a wheelchair, see me as a normal person, and just take a chance to see what a wonderful relationship I could provide them.

I’m sorry that my post this week isn’t as uplifting as it should be, but I just wanted to provoke some discussion.

Have a wonderful week.


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