Emotional Pain

mcm_6965There are many things in this world that can destroy you emotionally. Many people come into our lives and don’t realize what they may be doing or causing you to feel, but in the end you are just left broken and hurting. It is hard to deal with the feelings that you are faced with when you are let down. I wish I could give you some advice or instruction on how to overcome these feelings, especially if you are dealing with a broken heart. At the moment I am dealing with this as well and am not sure what to do about it. Sometimes it is best to just move on, sometimes it is best to wait, and sometimes it is best to keep trying to reach what you are wanting. Which one you chose to do is up to each individual circumstance.

The worst feeling you can deal with is when you think you are being used. As for myself I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, and will do everything I can for my friends and especially the people I love. I guess its easy for people to take advantage of that, and it has happened several times in my life. People see that I care about others and feel that I am an easy person to trick into caring about them. Because people have used me for many things including, money, access to others, a job, and much more; I have a very hard time opening my heart up and can be very jaded at times. I don’t know if something is wrong with me that makes no one want to love me? Am I too caring? Can someone care too much about people that they want to be with? I just don’t know right now, and I hope everyone else can find the answers to these questions. As for me I don’t know if I should keep trying or just give up thinking that someone will eventually love me enough to stay with me? I am sorry that I am not more motivational this week, but I guess at times everyone needs to be picked up. I just don’t know if there is someone out there that cares enough to do that for me.


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