Whether we realize it or not everyone has some influence over the people in their life. Whether that influence is good or bad is the question. The question you have to ask is what kind of influences do you have in your life and what kind of an influence do you have over the people around you?



DSC00106A bad influence in your life can not only lead you to make decisions in your life that can be seen as reckless, but also irresponsible, careless, and sometimes illegal. Many people surround themselves with people that are fun, entertaining, and popular, but these factors should not be what leads you to choose a person as a friend. The old saying, “You are who you surround yourself with,” is completely accurate. The majority of people tend to become like the people around them just to fit in and be accepted. The problem is that who you become is not always what you were or want to be.

For myself, I try my best to be involved with people who are better than myself. I attempt to be around individuals that will build me up and become a better quality person than I am right now. Please do not think that I look down on anyone just because their situation in life may be worse than my own. When I look at an individual to see if they are better than myself, I do not look at their place in life. I look at what type of person they are. Do they strive to make their life better, are they caring, do they look to help those around them, and are just good hearted people.

As you go through your life try to remember that there are always others looking at you for direction and others who are trying to direct you. Remember that you will be seen as those who are around you, and your influence will change how people look at those that want you to be around them.



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