Life Struggles

Hello readers, and I hope everyone is having a great week. Last week I briefly introduced myself and gave a little insight into what this blog is going to be about. Today I want to elaborate about why I feel I am able to write about motivating others.

Twelve years ago, when I was 25, I was involved in a car accident. I was hit head on by a drunk driver that went down the wrong side of a highway while I was on my way to work. During the flight to the hospital I literally died four different times. Ultimately the doctors were able to stabilize me, but I was left paralyzed from my chest down. Since that day I have devoted myself to overcoming my struggles and helping other people deal with their struggles as well. Since that day I have endured a great deal of obstacles that tried to keep me from recovering, becoming independent, and living life in a positive way. Many times in the past 12 years I have dealt with sadness, regret, loss, and many other emotions that come with dealing with a tragedy that has happened to you.

Since I have devoted myself to helping others make their lives better, whether or not they have had a physical injury, I will post at least one message each week in this blog and give you an example of what it took for me to beat many of the challenges that I have faced and continue to battle with. I just hope that these posts in some way help you to make your life better, stronger, more positive, and more fulfilling.


4 thoughts on “Life Struggles

  1. Motivation starts by moving one ‘th’ forward. It looks like you’ve taken the step towards inspiring others. Please continue. We are never too old or too slow or too crunched to push, pull or shove ourselves forward. God Bless you. GmaB


  2. You have such an empowering story, keep writing! I’m sorry to hear about the car accident that changed our life, but you are changing others lives by sharing your story. This is great motivation for anyone. 🙂


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