Giving Up

Over the last 12 years after my car accident, there have been many times that I felt like giving up, not trying anymore, and just not caring about anything anymore. Thank fully those thoughts never linger very long, because I deeply believe that you can never give up on yourself. It is perfectly ok to give up on many things in life, but yourself is not one of them. You need to understand that no one in your life matters more than yourself. Yes, it is perfectly ok to value other people as much as you do yourself, but if anything matters more than you then you will tend to leave yourself lacking things you need.

I have learned over the years that no matter what has happened to you or what you may have done to you own life or to someone else’s life, your life still matters. Many people feel that once a people cannot take care of themselves, or if they have committed something horrible in their lives then they should be hid away somewhere until; they pass away. I personally believe that everyone has the ability to correct any mistake or poor choice they have made in their life. Also, even though a person may be physically or mentally disabled, they can have a positive effect on their community.

So if you are facing struggles in your life right now, DO NOT GIVE UP. Even though I am paralyzed from my chest down and am very overweight, I still go to the gym 3 to 4 days every week and have started a diet to get myself back in shape. It is never too late and you are never unworthy of fighting for your dreams in life. My dream one day is to become a motivational speaker (and meet Josh Hutcherson, lol). I will definitely achieve my first dream, and as for the second, who knows. The one thing I will never do is give up on what I want in life. I will keep fighting every day and never stop looking for ways of achieving who I want to become. I hope my message helps you feel the same.



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