Parents are supposed to be the backbone of a child’s upbringing. The problem is when one parent is removed from the family for whatever reason the other parent/parents can no longer handle life and forget their responsibilities to their children.

This week I need to vent a little, because a very close friend of mine is having a really tough time. My friend is supposed to graduate this May from a very prestigious arts school here in Las Vegas, but may not get to walk in his ceremony. The school required him to go on a competition trip to Boston during spring break even though he did not have the money to pay for the trip. Now they aren’t going to let him walk in his graduation until he pays them back for fronting the money for the trip which is about $1000.

A year ago my friend unfortunately lost his mother. She had a severe seizure and died in their living room. I have been very proud of my friend, because he has turned into a responsible young man that has excelled at his school work and music in order to honor his mother. He does this even though his father and step-father are not supporting him at all. In fact he is having to live with his girlfriend, because his remaining parents refuse to support him in any way. I feel so bad for my friend, because my family has done everything we possibly can to help him, but we are totally do not have that kind of money. It breaks my heart to know how hard my friend has worked to finish high school and get accepted to a major university here in Las Vegas only to have his dreams shattered, because his father and step-father are dead beats. They not only do not financially support my friend, but they also mentally tear him down every chance they get.

I have never asked for money on my blog, and I do not plan to do so. Unfortunately I have to resort to reaching out to my readers for help, because I want my friend and adopted brother to be able to experience the rewards of his hard work by walking in his graduation. You do not have to donate anything unless your heart tells you do lend your support to a struggling young man that is trying desperately to overcome the pain of losing his mother and the obstacles of his remaining parents. You may make a donation at my friend’s gofundme page : Thank you to everyone who is able and willing to assist in helping my friend.

Go Fund Me


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