Everyone, no matter what they say, desires to be loved by someone. We as humans are a social animal and to be alone is not natural to us. I have been dealing with this problem for a little bit lately. Since I am in a wheelchair, am a heavy person, and am gay it is very difficult (and to this point impossible) to find another person that is willing to look past all of that and love the person that I am. It is discouraging to know that everyone I talk to about dating always just wants to be friends and cannot see themselves loving me in a more intimate way. I am totally sure that there are many other people out there that understand the situation I am in currently, and they also feel deep inside themselves that they want to be loved.

I am a very emotional person that wears my heart on my sleeve. So after many times of going to social groups and talking with people my friends set me up with and nothing ever coming from those attempts I tend to start to feel like maybe I am ment to spend my life alone? One thig thatkeeps me positive and from just giving up on other people is the fact that I know I deserve to be loved just as much as the most beautiful model in Hollywood. It is just very difficult to find another gay man who thinks with his heart before his “tool”, LOL. You see, most gay men think about sex first when entering a relationship, and most of them that I meet automatically assume that since I am in a wheelchair then I am not able to have fun. Now I won’t go into any kind of details here, but just say that those people are dead wrong and should stop prejudging people.

I have had some of my friends tell me that they have even looked online for someone for me, and have attempted to contact people whose profiles seem to make them into a genuine person that my friend knows would have a lot in common and able to appreciate me as a person. Then when my friends contact these individuals, they either never respond or they turn out to be completely different. This is one reason why I have never used social media to find a date, lol. Online dating just seems so impersonal, unreal, and can be completely hurtful to those of us that are sensitive souls. My suggestion is to stick to tried and true forms of meeting people, which is face to face.

When it comes to the type of people I like and am attracted to ; it all starts with their face and then their personality. As long as someone has a cute face, is clean, and is a fun, happy, caring, non-judgmental person then I am not very picky. I just wish that everyone else had the same feelings as I do. If that was the case then there wouldn’t be heartbroken handicap people struggling to find someone to accept them for who they are.

To my readers: I am sorry this post is a little down and has been behind in my schedule of posts. I have been dealing with a lot this past month and hope you can forgive me. The next post I am already working on will be much more timely and up-beat. On another final note, if anyone knows how I could have the best day of my life and meet Josh Hutcherson (who I completely respect and look up to) I would be forever grateful. Meeting him is one of my ultimate bucket list wishes.

Thank you for your time and remarks,


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