4th of July

Well America,

In just two more days it again will be the famous 4th of July. This is one of the most important days in our country, because it reminds us of what out forefathers went through to help set up a country that is free for all of those that live within its boarders. Many people will spend this Wednesday grilling on their BBQ, gathering with family and friends, shooting off fireworks, and honoring all of those that have fought for our freedoms. It is amazing that we still over 250 years later are a strong caring and resilient people who for the most part show compassion to the world. 4th of july 2

Unfortunately there is a lot of differing opinions as to what our country should do in many areas of life such as politics, immigration, equality, health care, and even just basic laws to protect our citizens. This is the one part of our country that I personally love the most. Even though there are many people with different opinions about everything, it is totally each and every person’s right to be able to voice their opinions and let themselves be heard. There are many countries around the world where if you were to voice an opinion that goes against the government you could be liable to imprisonment, physical harm, and even death. So I say stick to whatever you believe is right, stand up for those you feel are not being treated fairly, become whatever you want to become in life, and love the country you live in. us constitutiobn

The biggest obstacle in our country’s way right now is that no one in leadership knows how to have open courteous dialogue and compromise in order to get important things done. We as a people need to set an example for our so-called leadership and be willing to politely discuss our differences with others and see what kind of compromise we may be able to come up with. There is no such thing as one side of an argument getting everything they want. There always needs to be a give and take in order to let everyone feel as though they are gaining something. If our leadership and special interest groups would just approach everything in this manner I feel our country would be a much more hospitable and harmonious place.

I am one of the strange people in our country in the fact that I am a gay handicap man who is both a Christian and an independent, lol. If there is anyone in this country that does not fit into a single mold then that would be me. I am a person that is totally open-minded toward everything and everyone’s feelings and opinions, and I hope that many of you may begin to feel the same way. Do not make a stand for or against something just because someone else does, your political party does, or any special interest organization does. Please weigh everything for yourself against what you believe and take a stand because it is what you truly agree with. When our country will start thinking for themselves once more instead of being led by outside organizations our country will be on the road to a much more constructive and cooperative place to call home.


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