Beautiful Friday

Welcome to a wonderful Friday. I know that many of us are spread all across the country, but here in Las Vegas we had a very rainy Thursday. In fact we had over an 1.4 inches of rain in parts of town which is actually a whole lot of rain for us in the desert. Thankfully today it is nice and sunny and somewhat warm. I also wanted to give a brief update to all of my readers about my upcoming book “Living the Ultimate You”, I have almost finished my first chapter, and I met with my book manager yesterday and I am beginning to outline my platform of how I am going to speak and present myself. So things are moving forward quickly. I am very excited, and someday by the end of the year I hope to have my first copy completed and be speaking to a crowd of eager listeners, lol.

Anyway, I just want to let everyone know that if you ever have a dream of doing anything, that you should never let go of that dream. No matter how long it may take you to reach your destination, or how many times you may get detoured, please keep your dreams. Don’t ever let situations or people kill the desire in you to achieve whatever it is  that you what to accomplish in life. Sometimes it may take you an extra 20 years, but you can always find a way to live the life you want.

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