Today I have been writing part of my book about dreaming to keep yourself focused  when you are faced with challenges and obstacles. I know when I was first injured I had to live in a nursing home for two years. In order to keep me from falling into a deep depression and giving up I had to find a dream that pushed me forward and gave me hope to keep fighting. I had to find something that would drive me to deal with the pain and loss that I was dealing with on a daily basis, because the only people I had supporting me at the time was my mother and step father. There were a few wonderful people in my life that supported my by telephone, but I still had to find some dream, some kind of goal that would drive me to make me ignore all that I had been dealt and keep fighting for a better tomorrow.

The dream I finally came up with was simple. It was just one of me living in a home with a spouse that loved me, and being able to physically and financially take care of myself. The next thing I had to do was to find out how to accomplish this dream. So from then on I have been working on achieving that dream and will continue to work on achieving that dream until it becomes reality.

So for all of you that are facing challenges or obstacles in your life, develop a dream that helps you fight past that obstacle. Give yourself a reason or the motivation to overcome whatever it is you are facing and then attack the challenge you are faced with. We are all strong enough to overcome anything we are faced with through the power of Jesus.

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