Over the years I have had many battles with my faith. In the end I have always held steadfast in the fact that I believe in Jesus as my Savior, but when I moved to Las Vegas I always had a hard time finding a good church that really spoke to me and my spirit. When I lived in Florida I was a part of two churches that really felt like family for a long time until some unfortunate events happened, but I still love them all and miss them all very much.

I recently over the last month or so have found a Church of God which I have come to understand is the only one in Las Vegas. There is nothing like this place here in Vegas as everyone greats me with a hug when I enter the church, and I instantly feel like I am welcomed and never judged when I am there. Additionally the Sunday before my birthday I was surprised, because the very moment I entered the church they greeted me with a birthday card. This surprised me, because it was only the third time I had been to the church.

Ever since I have been going to this church I can only say great things have been happening to me in my life. I thank Jesus for leading me and directing me, and I recommend the Springs Church┬áto anyone looking for somewhere to go on Easter Sunday. It is a small church that isn’t too great with their music, but they are VERY sincere and have a wonderful message. I know that since I have been attending the Springs Church I have received my new wheelchair, my new van, a new lift in my home, and several blessings. So praise God and I hope to see some of my readers there on Easter Sunday.

On another note, I am sorry for the advertisement this week, but I am just so blessed with attending this church. I will be back to my normal posts in a few days.

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