I am sorry it has been so long since I have written to all of my readers. Unfortunately I have been very sick over the past month, and I have even had to spend a week in the hospital. Thankfully, with the help of my church family, my friends, and my wonderful family praying for my and supporting me from all across the country; and thankfully especially for the healing power of my Savior I am doing much better today. In fact I am feeling better today than I have felt in over four months. I guess sometimes it takes a forced vacation to actually make you rest your body and mind in order to get you to recuperate what you aren’t willing to do yourself.

I pray that all of my readers are doing well and are eager to get back to reading my stories. I will let you know of one that I discovered while I was in the hospital. Sometimes you are faced with the realization that the people you think are your closest supporters are really not even your allies at all. I am going to open up my heart here and I hope that my friends don’t take this the wrong way, but it really hurt my feelings while I was in the hospital.

God be the glory I received daily visits and phone calls from people who I had just barely got to know at my new church. The people from The Springs Church really showed me true love and friendship that I had not seen in the 14 years that I had been living here in Las Vegas. I have attended several other churches and have been close to a few of their pastors, but had never receive visitations while I had been in the hospital until now. I have FINALLY found true Christians here in Las Vegas, that practice unconditional love and acceptance.

I urge everyone and anyone who is in Las Vegas or just visiting that is looking for something, needing something, your feel like you are alone, or you just need a hug to please go to the Springs Church on Sundays at 11:00 am. You will be welcome as you are and you will truly experience something that I have never seen or felt in this city.

Sometimes life gives you distractions in order to recuperate energy, focus, and motivation. Many times everyone can also get burned out after working hard and diligently. Everyone needs a break, but many times we all get so focused we tend not to want to stop and take care of ourselves. This is when life or God sends distractions to make us take the time we need for ourselves. So now I am back and feeling better than ever, and I hope all of you are back with me and ready for a wonderful ride as I continue to finish my book “Living the Ultimate You”, and as we all get ready for the summer.

Please feel free to comment and join in conversation with me and each other in my comment section about any subject you like that pertains to the topic at hand. Also if anyone needs pray please feel free to leave your prayer requests in the comment section as well. God bless everyone and have a wonderful afternoon.

Edward Haney Jr.


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