Work Ethic

Work ethics is sometimes a very touchy subject. To many people it can meanthat you are asking them to work all day and night, and to other people theytake it as you are calling them lazy. Unfortunately, work ethic is an importantpart of how well our life turns out. It also determines how well we are able tofind out many daily answers for difficult resources for our everyday lives.

Today I was writting part of my book and it was about how I was able to get out of the nursing home that I had to live in when I first was injured. If my mother and I had a low sense of work ethic or had just relied on the doctors and nurses to do all of the work for us, then I might still be in a nursing home today. Thankfully, my mother had instilled a very strong work ethic in me and she and I struggled to find a way for me to move out of that situation. Finally after two long years of living in a nursing home from the ages of 26 to 28 we found a program here in Las Vegas that made it possible for me to live at home with medical and financial help.

I am definitely not saying that we are any better than anyone else, but a strong work ethic will help you in life. Having a drive in yourself to achieve whatever it is you are faced with will give you a great sense of pride and power. Being able to achieve something when everyone is telling you “no” or that “it can’t be done” will make you feel fulfilled and on top of the world. Find something in your life that gives you a sense of purpose and let that fuel your work ethic, and let that give your life the answers it desires.

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