This past week has been a horribly tough one for several parts of our country with the unspeakable act of two mass shootings. I have waiting a few days to write, because I wasn’t sure just what I wanted to say or if there was any more to say. From the moment the two deranged individuals decided to create this chaos in so many people’s lives it seems like everyone on the news, talk shows, in politics, and even our president only want to push blame around and not just reach out to those communities and offer their support and love.

Today I am not here to talk to anyone about gun control, I am not about to start blaming Republicans or Democrats, and I am not going to talk about policy change. All I want to do is express my heartfelt, deepest condolences to everyone that lost loved ones, was injured. or was affected in any way by this past week’s terrible events. I know that there are no words that can be said or events held that will make the pain and fear you have endured go away, and no one in this world should have to ever live through such terror. I live in Las Vegas, and I remember as it was yesterday when 1 October happened here. We had such an outpouring of love from the entire world, and I just wanted to send some words of encouragement to you.

I cannot answer why these events are starting to happen at such a dramatic rise in frequency in our country, but I do know that there is more good people in our country than there are people looking to do harm. That one thought gives me some hope. I know that we as Americans pull together and love each other anytime there is a need, tragedy, disaster, or even a touching GoFundMe page; which tells me there are millions of Americans that care about each and every one of us even though they may not know us. You see we care and help each other just because we are all Americans, and hopefully one day our leaders will begin to understand this as well. 

So to those who went through these three mass shootings over the past week, I am so terribly sorry that you or anyone you loved had to encounter such an event. I pray that you heal quickly, and that you find peace somehow after all your physical healing is complete. For myself I always make sure to be in a good Bible-based church that has a loving congregation that will lift you up in times such as these.

To the rest of America, I call out to everyone’s sense of duty, love, and respect. Stop blaming each other for these events. The only people to blame are the crazy gunmen that perpetrate these crimes. Now let’s go find a way to stop them from happening ever again.       

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