I know it has been a while since I have written here in my blog, but that has been because I have been very busy. I have been working diligently on bettering myself and trying to lose some weight, and write my book. Also, I have been attending a new gym / rehab center that has become a part of my family. Today’s blog is just a short intro or window into what has been happening, but over the next few weeks, I will be diving much deeper into how I have been and what has changed in my life. Also I will be sharing what you can do to incorporate in your lives that could help enhance your daily life as well. Another exciting thing I am looking forward to is that I plan on sharing parts of a vacation with you that I will be taking in a few weeks with everyone. So keep on the lookout. Anyway, I am glad to be back with everyone, and here are a few pics of my past year…

The first time I stood up completely vertical in 15 years. This happened in March of 2021.

Using a stimulator enhanced bicycle that makes my legs actually work and peddle the bicycle. This is supposed to try too help reconnect the nerves from my brain to my legs.

Before and after
334lbs. 265lbs

These were some of my weight loss pictures.

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