Hard Work

There are many times over the past 16 years of my paralysis that I have wondered if I would ever begin to gain anything from the hard work that I have been pouring in to my life and to recover from what I have gone through. At the early age of only 25 years old and to have everything in my life just ripped away from me that I had begun building was a real rude awakening.

Thankfully, my God will never give up on us as long as we don’t give up on Him. Over the past year and a half I have been attending a rehab center / gym that focuses on handicap people called Driven Neurorecovery Center. During this time I have been putting in a lot of really hard work to get in better shape, to become more mobile and independent, to get stronger, and even started helping out at the gym.

This slowly began to pay off by me losing weight to a total of 65lbs in just 8 months. Also, I have grown in the ability to lift myself out of my chair and even been able too stand up in one of their standing frames. Because of all the hard work I have been putting in and because of the work I am trying to do in my daily life the leadership at the recovery center decided to honor me with a small video of me at the gym and interviewing me. 

So finally after a few years of writing my book and trying to become a motivational speaker, my God is helping someone to take notice of the hard work that I am trying to put in to better myself in order to help others. I just want to say thank you to Driven Neurorecovery Center for this opportunity and to my Savior Jesus Christ for saving my life 16 years ago and for giving me the drive to work hard to help others.

To everyone reading this, no matter how long it may take, never give up on a dream. You never know how long it may take to get there or even if you may get there, but one day someone may give you a chance that could open a door to the rest of your life. So never give up on your faith, your God, or yourself.

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