DSC00106 My name is Edward Haney Jr., and I am in my mid 30s. Fourteen years years ago I was involved in a terrible car accident. Another driver decided to get high on Oxycontin and drive down the wrong side of a highway. He hit me head on going over 50mph. During the Life Flight to the hospital, I actually died four times, and “Praise God” He brought me back each time.

I was in a comma four 5 weeks, and when I woke up I found myself paralyzed from my chest down and on a respirator. I had to stay in the hospital for four months, during which time I had to learn how to breath all over again. Thankfully I had a great support system which helped me get through this very tough situation.

Long story short, I eventually moved to Las Vegas, survived two years in a nursing home, fought to get myself living at home with my family, achieved an Associate Degree from the University of Phoenix, became the Executive VP of the Alumni Chapter in Las Vegas, and am now becoming a motivational speaker. I am very proud of what I have overcome during the last 12 years, and my goal is to help others find their inner strength in order to overcome whatever challenges they have in front of them. I also am going to give everyone a glimpse of what life is like for someone who is gay and in a wheelchair.

I am now currently in the middle of writing a book about my life and how I have overcome many of the challenges and obstacles I have faced in me life, and hopefully what I have to say will help a lot of other people out there.


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