Mental Strength

I was writing part of my book today and it has to deal with keeping yourself mentally strong when you are facing challenges in your life. I know when I had my accident and many times since then I have had mental struggles with not being able to do the simple things in life such as go on a roller coaster, or go hiking, or reach the or shelf at the grocery store, or just get out of bed quickly. The simple things in life that I used to take for granted are the things that I miss the most out of life now that I can no longer do them.

So I am asked how do I process dealing with the emotions of the loss of these abilities, and the answer is by finding alternative ways of accomplishing those tasks or finding alternate activities that are just as enjoyable. I now have several tools that allow me to reach the top shelves at home and at the grocery stores, but heavy objects are still impossible for me. So it is embarrassing when I have to hunt someone down and ask them to come help me reach an object, but that is life so I deal with it. I do still go hiking, but I make sure that the trails I use are accessible to my wheelchair. Unfortunately I have not found a way for me to go boating or on a rollercoaster which I desperately miss, but I replace those activities with others I enjoy such as hanging out with great friends at the Las Vegas Gaymers. The most important thing I can stress is to stay busy and active with something that you find interesting and enjoyable. This can help you through even the worst situations.

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