This week was a great step forward in the progress of my book and speaking ventures. Last weeked, I was able to meet with my book manager and completely finish the first three chapters of my book. This was so exciting and inspiring that it gave me a sense of renewed vigor to keep pushing forward and striving to make this a work that will be easy to read but yet also something that will touch your heart and educate your mind and soul. I know that from the few people I have trusted with these first few chapters, their feedback is truly humbling.

 Yesterday I was able to find several hours of free time, and I was able to put together most of the pre-writing for my next chapter, which talks about setting up a strong support system in your life. I strongly believe that this is one area of your life that can either keep you on top of the world and help you succeed at life, or it can also make you fail at everything you do and create destruction in every aspect of your life. The type and quality of people that you choose to have supporting your life will determine how good or bad your life eventually turns out to be.

In addition to completing these chapters, I also completed my first short speech, and am planning on a longer one at my church in about 3 months. I am very excited about this engagement. This will be my first public speech in over 15 years. I am very ready for this, but I am also a bit nervous. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to overcome nerves before a performance? Anyway, I was also able to spend some quality time with some awesome people last night that are very supportive of me and finding time to relax and spend time with those that care about you is also a very important part to achieving progress in anything.

Remember that even though we may be making progress toward a goal in life we always need to take time out for those that care about us, take time to relax and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us every day, and show love to the people that are doing the little things to help us in life. I am personally very excited to get my book finished for everyone to read, and I pray that you all are having a safe and fun summer so far. God bless to you all.

P.S.: If you enjoy what you are reading in my blogs, please engage with them. Send your comments, ask questions, post your opinions, and please click the like button. Thank you to everyone for supporting me as I try to grow. God bless you all.