Love is Wonderful and for Everyone

Love is an amazing thing in life, but it can also be very tricky for us humans. For the first time in a very long time I have been shown love by someone that hasn’t treated me with pity. For the past two weeks we have spent each weekend together and are really enjoying each others company and have a lot in common. I can say that this step forward in my life has re-energized my writing and outlook on my whole life. It truly is amazing how the attention of one person can enhance and strengthen the drive you have for what you want out of life.

I know I have not been posting much over the past few weeks, and to my reader I apologize. I have been deeply involved in trying to get the next chapter of my book written, and I have just about accomplished that goal. Another goal I have achieved is that I do have a tentative date set for my first public speech. I will be speaking in September at my local church on the topic of “Never Giving Up.”   

So over the past few weeks of finding someone that cares about me, shows me attention, and shows me love has changed my attention and drive to work harder in my own life. I had already been working diligently, but now I am also attending my gym in the morning three days every week for at least two hours each time I go which gives my body a great start to the day. I am also eating healthy by doing the Ketogenic diet which also has me feeling wonderful and has me getting rid of toxins in my system that were holding me back.

I guess the topic of today’s post is about love, but in order to get love I had to learn how to love myself. It took me a long while to learn how to do that though, because I had a bad issue with self doubt and a bad self-image. Thankfully for the past few years I have been in a great place of acceptance of who I am what I look like, where I have been, and who I am becoming. So for all of you out there. You are perfect the way you are, no matter what anyone tells you.  God made you the way you are and that is no mistake. So if you are skinny, chubby, black, white, Hispanic, German or whatever you are perfect and not a mistake. Be who you are and never apologize for it. God loves you and I love you.

4 thoughts on “Love is Wonderful and for Everyone

  1. Yes I agree. I do not like the block format. I totally miss the old format. It was so much easier to create the page I wanted. Now I cannot even figure out how to use spellcheck on my writing.


  2. Hi! I still haven’t figured out how to reply so I thought I’d reply on here. Hope that’s okay!
    Your blogs amazing, I’ve only been doing it for a month and a half and it is quite hard, thinking of new subjects to write about. But you just have to trust yourself and what you want to write. I try to have a schedule so I post consistently. I post about 3 times a week but some people post way more or much less. I’m still learning everyday how to do new things on WordPress as it’s quite hard getting around the site I think. You’re already doing great things honestly so just trust yourself and your content!
    Hope this helps😊

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    • Thank you Antonia. I truly appreciate the comment and inspiration. I know I am a good writer, but it is the website set up that I am not very good at. Your page looks wonderful as does so many other people’s sites, but my page sis just so generic and boring that it does not get any traffic. I just do not know how to make it look any better, and I cannot afford to pay anyone to build it for me, lol.

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      • I had a lot of difficulty with that😂 so much so I told someone how I wanted it to look, and they helped me with it. So when I see the person next, I could let them write to you to see how they formatted the actual site. The tech on WordPress is so hard isn’t it!


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