Arizona vacation 160Friendships are the basis for having a happy life. The people you surround yourself with can make you better or worse than your current position. People who lift you up and support you can make anything you are going through easier than weathering things on your own. The question is how do you start building a group of friends that make you better.

I was able to start building a friendship with someone I have been talking to for the past couple of months. We actually spent the weekend getting to know each other better which gives me some hope for finding someone in the future. Friendships are the basis of any good quality relationship. The majority of couples who do not last have said that their relationship ended because of a lack of communication. Many for other reasons, but this is one of the most common. If people would take their time building relationships and focus on being friends first, then I believe there would be many more couples who are able to withstand the troubles that come with marriage. Friends just seem to know how to talk to one another in a more open and honest way. Which allows for each other to trust that the other person has their best interest at heart. I may be making assumptions, but this is just what I have seen and experienced through people I have known to separate.

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