Set Backs

There are times in everyone’s life where we may encounter obstacles and setbacks. In fact if you ever want to her God laugh just tell Him your plans. There is never going to be a set path or a direct easy way to get through life unless you are the luckiest person on earth. You ┬ásee obstacles and set backs are ways of testing us and making us stronger, and these situations allow us to use critical thinking skills to help us grow personally, emotionally, and relational.

Unfortunately there are many individuals that seem to give up when faced with obstacles that seem to dificult to overcome. I can completely understand where many of these people are coming from, but then I also do not agree with the decision that they have made. There is NEVER a reason or a situation in life that you may come across or have to face that is worth giving up over, and I mean NEVER. There is always a way to overcome every situation to make your life somewhat better as long as you have some kind of faith, support system, and emotional and recreational endeavours.

I found that after my car accident that these three main systems of support were the keys to helping me through the huge obstacles that stood in front of me. So I strongly suggests that anyone who may be facing difficulties in their life right now to find something that they love to do and begin engaging in that activities more often, start talking to people you trust and confide in your support system, and rely on your faith or attempt to develop a faith of some kind if you do not have one.

I also openly accept any comments and suggestions from anyone else who may have other techniques that they have used to overcome situations in their life that were difficult. Did you do anything special or different that you could suggest to help others overcome their situations?

Edward Haney Jr

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