Action is the Best Medicine

I was at church this past Sunday and the pastor was talking about prayer. He wasn’t just talking about how to pray or praying for other people, but actually praying with other people. That really got me thinking about motivation this week. Sometimes, the best way to motivate yourself is to just get active in something even when you really don’t want to do anything. As my new About pages states, I was paralyzed several years ago and at first I felt like just laying in bed and doing nothing, and in fact most of the doctors told me to do just that. The problem was that I wasn’t getting any better and mentally I was getting more and more depressed. So a year after my accident I decided to go back to college online and get a degree in Information Technology which I accomplished while living in a nursing home at the age of 28.

The point is that I started getting active and it removed the depression out of my mind and motivated me to be better than I was. This has then led me the rest of the way sense. I always try to keep a goal ahead of me even when I am doing ok and am already well motivated. You never know when a moment of hard times can creep in to discourage you and make you want to give up all you have worked for. Believe me, I have had many of those moments, but that is when I rely on my mentors and role models to guide me and lift me through those difficult times.

Everyone needs a support group around them to keep them strong in the hard times. Even Moses needed Aaron and Hur to hold his arms up when he battled the Amelekites or he would have given out due to the strain of the situation (Exodus 17:11). So don’t think yourself too proud to ask for help or even just prayer when you are feeling stressed or depressed or just don’t know what to do next. I make it a point to ask for prayer when I need help or when I am sick. Just that little bit of support is a great boost to help me focus my direction in order for me to continue driving forward and actively pursuing a better existence and situation for myself. I wish the same for all of you. It doesn’t matter where you may find your situation to be. You should always be striving to find a better situation than where you are or to make yourself a better person. That is my lifelong goal and I wish you the same.


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