Busy, Busy, Bee

Have you ever been in a situation where you are SO busy that you cannot even think about doing what you want to do? That is how the last ten days have gone for myself. Since I help a local company do taxes, we have just been swamped with people needing tax returns. I am sure that the majority of us face times where our life is so crazy that we cannot begin to think about relaxation. When I get this busy I try to plan at least one day in the week where I will only relax, have fun, or just do something I’ve been wanting to accomplish outside of our normal busy schedule. This seems to help revive my emotions and drive to finish  my work. Sometimes all it takes is an afternoon nap to recharge my energy.

What are some of your escapes that you use to refocus your mind and energy? Let me know what you enjoy doing, because it may be something we all could use in our lives. For me, I will either go to church on Sunday or to a social event on the weekend just to reduce my stress level and get ready for the next week.


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